Police Certificate of Conduct


Namibian Police Force


When applying for a good conduct certificate the following documents is needed:

  1. Copy of ID, Passport or Birth Certificate
  2. NAD 50.00


  1. An application can be made at the nearest Police Station in your area.
  2. The Certificate must be collected by the applicant where he or she applied for the certificate.
  3. Fingerprints are taken and are then sent to Namibian Police Criminal Record Centre (N.P.C.R.C) where they are processed and a certificate is issued and sent back to the relevant station where the person applied.
  4. Fingerprint evidence plays a crucial role in criminal investigations. Since a person's fingerprints are unique and do not change during the course of their life, they can be used to quickly and efficiently confirm or disprove a person's identity, eg. Checking a suspect at a border crossing.
  5. Finger marks can be collected at a crime scene and have the potentials to link a series of crimes together, or to place a suspect at the scene.
  6. The Certificate must be collected by the applicant where he or she applied for the certificate.
  7. Fingerprint plays an equally important role in identifying victims following a disaster, eg. a cyclone, earthquake, bombing or other attack.
  8. The normal waiting period is nearly six (6) months. The delay is caused by the fact that the applications must be double checked to make sure that the correct certificate is issued to the applicant.
  9. Enquiries can be done after one (1) month and must be done through the station where the person applied and not directly to the Namibian Police Criminal Record Centre.
  10. For speedy processing of a good conduct certificate which is done over a week, the application needs to attach an official letter from the institution that needs the certificate of good conduct in which the urgency of such a certificate should be stated.

Contact Information:

Windhoek Police Station

Cnr of Banhfoff street and Independence Avenue or any nearest Police Station.

Tel:+264 61 209 4215

NamPol Public Relations Division

Tel:+264 61 2093286/3470

Tel:+264 61 220380 or 10111