Service What Documents Do I Bring? Fee
Correction/Alteration of Passport Details
  1. Submit passport which requires correction
  2. Submit the following basic documents: birth certificate, citizenship certificate, marriage certificate or ID showing correct information ( which ever is applicable)
  3. Applicant should submit passport for correction within a period of six (6)months from date of collection
Emergency Travel Certificate
  1. Completed application form for passport
  2. Copy of full or abridged Namibian birth certificate and bring along original birth certificate for verification  purposes
  3. Copy of  Namibian citizenship certificate if born outside Namibia  and bring along original citizenship certificate for verification purposes                                                                                     
  4. Copy of Namibian Identity Document  (ID) or  receipt as proof that you have applied for an ID                                                                                           
  5. Copy of SWA Namibian Identity Document (ID) plus receipt as proof that you have applied for a Namibian ID
  6. Copy of marriage certificate or Divorce Order (women only)
  7. One (1) passport size colour photo with clear background if applying in the regions or Namibian diplomatic missions abroad, as well as when applying for minor and school going children under the age of 16 
  8. Number 8 of the application form must be certified by a commissioner of oath
  9. All applicants from the age of 13 years are obliged to sign in a space provided under number 7 on the reverse page.  
  10. All copies must be duly certified
N$ 150.00